Single Glazed Sash Windows

Many choose to update their sash windows to double glazing, but this is not always possible. With help from our consultants, you'll be able to determine whether your windows can be upgraded to double glazed or be exact copies of the original single glazed. Our single glazed units are of the highest quality and with the addition of draught proofing and our unbeatable joinery skills, we're sure that you'll be satisfied.

All of our products are hand crafted using traditional joinery methods that have been passed down through generations, with only the best raw materials to bring you a high quality reproduction window that will last for years.

There are two options when it comes to sash window renovations: repair or replace. Depending on the condition of your current sash windows and your circumstances, your consultant will discuss the options with you.


Sash Windows

We can repair your existing case and make a pair of single glass sashes specifically to fit this case. Glass is chosen to suit your requirements and draught proofing can be included for optimal performance. With less disruption and redecorating required, this option is advantageous to those in a hurry.


Sash Windows

We can manufacture completely new windows, which will consist of a pair of single glazed sashes and the complete case. Cases can be made using any timber. All windows are supplied primed and to your requirements and draught proofing is included as standard for optimal performance.

We also undertake curved work and have vast knowledge and experience with all aspects of curved windows.

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For more information about our Sash Window services that are available in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and throughout Scotland, contact us on email or simply complete our online enquiry form.

“Many thanks for all your hard work over the past couple of weeks. We are so pleased with the way our windows now look, and even more pleased at the noise reduction from the street! Really couldn't be happier with them.”