Sash Window Draught Proofing

Draughts, rattles and reduced energy efficiency are commonly associated with sash windows but with the improved draught proofing system from Sash Window Craftsmen, these drawbacks are greatly reduced.

The air gap between the sashes, which allows for the smooth movement, has been known to cause heat loss dust ingress but with addition of seals machined into the replacement baton rods and parting beads put in place, this gap is closed up and can bring a multitude of benefits.

Sash Window Solutions exclusively use the Aquamac draught proofing system, which comes with a lifetime guarantee. Aquamac doesn't shrink or stretch, even in extreme temperatures. With fantastic benefits such as high wear resistance which reduces wear and tear, impervious to paint or stains, increased energy efficiency and available in a wide range of colours including black, white and brown, we are confident that this draught proofing system will be the perfect addition to your sash windows.

• Warmer rooms, which will save money on heating bills. • Noise pollution greatly reduced.
• No more rattle from the windows. • Will open and close more smoothly.
• Dust ingress is reduced to a more manageable level.  

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